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What's the correct way to wash the hair?

Do you know the way to wash your hair frequently affect the health and strength of your hair ?, has been shown that many of the problems of loss and breakage due mainly to the wrong way that is followed when washing hair.

What is the correct way to wash your hair?

- Before washing the hair, be sure that the shampoo and conditioner are suitable for your hair type, with reading the instructions on a bottle of shampoo and conditioner before use, each type has its own way of shampoo to use.

- Massage your scalp with your fingertips when using shampoo; Vtdlak scalp stimulates blood circulation and thus stimulates hair growth.

- Avoid repeating washing hair with shampoo more than once.

- Wash your hair well with water after shampooing to remove the remnants of hair shampoo.

- Leave the hair Mnsdla while washing so as not intertwined and then Atqcef during discharge.

- Use a balm on the hair after washing up is available for hair gloss required and vitality.

- Gently wipe dry with a towel wrapped hair after (towel) after bathing while avoiding the use of a hair dryer in abundance.


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